Who are Strata Professionals?

independently operated strata management company

As a well established, local and independent strata management company that has been in operation on the mid north coast since 1986, Strata Professionals continues to set the benchmark in the provision of strata management services. Strata Professionals believes that management is a proactive partnership between the manager and the client and that this inter-relationship is the essential ingredient to successful management. We understand that strata management is all about people - understanding the client, working with them, encouraging active and responsible decision making and achieving results together. The dynamic and friendly team at Strata professionals understands that strata management is more than just the bricks and mortar (or physical attributes) of a building. It's about creating relationships and being engaged with communities and people.

Strata Professionals has built a reputation based on knowledge, professionalism and old fashioned hard work that only years of experience can deliver. Each day we strive to deliver on our vision of being the leading provider of strata management services whilst living and breathing our values of teamwork, professionalism, dedication, commitment and respect. Our principles and work ethic over the course of many years has attracted the attention of owners up and down the east coast which has led to our team undertaking the management of properties stretching from Sydney to Tweed Heads. The very fact that Owners Corporations seek our services in regions outside our immediate area is clear testament to the superior level of expertise and the efficient manner in which we deliver our services to all our clients.

"The greatest asset we have at Strata Professionals is our team of dedicated strata managers and our hard working support staff."

We invite you to view our staff profiles and read the client testimonials. Current clients will already know that the majority of our staff have been at Strata Professionals for many years which has enabled them to accumulate substantial levels of knowledge and experience. This knwoledge and experience is passed onto our clients and used when evaluating situations that affect a scheme and identifying the most appropriate solution for the complex. Every strata scheme is different and each has its own unique issues that arise over time that require addressing. Years of experience in addressing all manner of issues that impact on a strata scheme means that we can genuinely offer a solutions based approach to management. Our collaborative and collective approach has meant that we always find a solution to any situation that arises in a complex.

Although we have experienced solid and consistent growth over many years, opportunities to branch out into other areas of property management services has never been an objective as we recognise that in order to provide the highest standard of service in an industry laden with ever changing legislation and complexities, a strong and sole focus needs to be maintained on the strata scheme to ensure that its legislative requirements are met on time and at minimal cost. Dabbling in the provision of other services, such as property management, only serves as a distraction and dilutes that focus thereby increasing the risks of costly mistakes being made and important deadlines being missed. Risk management for our clients is something we take very seriously. There is a very good reason why the best performing strata management companies in the nation focus solely on specialising in the provision of strata management services alone! And that's what we do at Strata Professionals!

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