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Strata Professionals will conduct all the administrative and secretarial services required by an owners’ corporation.

We prepare and distribute all meeting notices and minutes of meetings as well as attend Annual General Meetings and Executive Committee meetings and any other meetings requested by the owners’ corporation.

We are also extremely conscientious in ensuring that all necessary follow up action resulting from decisions made by the owners at the various meetings are carried out in a proficient manner.

Correspondence from owners is received and responded to promptly either by letter, telephone, fax or email.

An individual Trust Account is opened with Macquarie Bank for each Strata Scheme.

All information held in these trust accounts is downloaded daily from Macquarie Bank ensuring that our system is kept up to date. Only authorised personnel have access to the individual account.

Professional strata plan managers experienced in new developments and plan setups.

Strata Professionals has a very experienced team that assists developers and provides specialist advice when a new development, regardless of size, is being set up as strata title. As there are numerous intricacies to consider during the development process, Strata Professionals will assist the developer to ensure the smooth and seamless transition to the Owners Corporation.

Some of the services we provide to developers include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The preparation of a presentation budget that the developer can use to assist in the sales process.
  • Provide assistance to developers on the drafting of customised By-laws prior to registration.
  • Arrange insurance coverage for the strata scheme that is compliant with current legislation.
  • Immediate provision of Section 109 certificates to ensure that settlement is not delayed.
  • Provide and establish all the books and records as required by current legislation.

As with any new project, Strata Professionals will liaise closely at all times with the developer to ensure that their decisions and wishes are carried out as requested.

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Clients of Strata Professionals have become accustomed to a highly efficient and prompt service when any maintenance matter arises.

One of our main areas of excellence and expertise derives from the dedicated ‘R & M team’ which prides itself on the efficiency and professional manner in which all maintenance, repair and replacement of common property is conducted on behalf of our clients.

As a result of our presence, rapport and specialisation in this region of the Mid North Coast, we have a team of dedicated, reputable and competent contractors ready to take the headache out of repair and maintenance matters for you.

An additional benefit of having Strata Professionals look after your maintenance matters is due to the substantial number of properties under our management, we have been able to negotiate very competitive rates on behalf of all our clients.

If you would like to request a repair and/or maintenance you can do so here.

We DO NOT receive any commission from engaging contractors, consultants or any other person to undertake work on a strata scheme.

Pre-purchase Strata Inspection Reports can be carried out immediately upon request. If you are interested in a pre-purchase strata inspection, fill out our request form here.

Let Strata Professionals take the worry out of Insurance for you.

Strata Professionals can offer all Strata Schemes a competitive insurance package tailored to suit the buildings requirements while at the same time ensuring that all sections of the insurance policy are fully compliant with current legislative requirements.

Strata Professionals insurance packages provide excellent cover with well-known and established Insurance Companies. All quotes and renewal premiums obtained by Strata Professionals are competitive and achieve a real cost saving for each Owners Corporation.

Strata Professionals operates a streamlined insurance claims department. Unique and specialised control systems are in operation to ensure that the often lengthy and cumbersome insurance claim process is kept up to date and resolved in a prompt and favourable manner. Turnaround times on straightforward insurance claims can be as little as 5 working days.

Unlike many other strata managers, we do not charge any additional fees should the claim involve additional time associated with the coordination of Insurance Assessors, Insurance Company Representatives, Contractors, Owners and Committees.

Strata Professionals provides all strata schemes with its comprehensive and audited financial reports with the detailed notice of the Annual General Meeting. The financial reports include the following:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of Income & Expenditure for the Administrative Fund
  • Statement of Income & Expenditure for the Sinking Fund
  • Levy Status Report

Strata Professionals can also provide additional reports to Executive Committees or individual owners at any time upon request without any additional fees. Additional reports include:

  • General Ledger of ALL Expense Accounts
  • Cash Payments Report
  • Cash Receipts Report

As part of the Notice and Agenda for an Annual General Meeting, Strata Professionals will provide a detailed ‘Proposed Budget’ for both the Administrative and Sinking Funds for the following twelve months which is aimed to assist each owner’s corporation determine the contribution they will need to make to cover anticipated expenses that will arise throughout the year.

We can also tailor a unique Financial Reporting Package to suit your individual needs at no extra cost to you.

Strata Professionals maintains all the books and records of the strata scheme in a safe and secure manner. These records are kept and up dated in accordance with legislative requirements.

All information is backed-up daily and stored off-site therefore ensuring that a strata schemes records minimising loss or damaged.

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